2300X until today: Earn more with STREAKK Wallet and set up your own node infrastructure

Why is STREAKK unique and how can I generate a stable passive income?

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STREAKK in a Nutshell

STREAKK Wallet is truly decentralised (Audited by CERTIK)

With the flexibility to delegate or withdraw your funds at any time.
Streakk strongly believes in “Your Keys, Your Crypto,” — and never takes custody of your funds.
No Lock-Up: STREAKK offers users the ability to stake their cryptocurrencies without any lock up.

Increased ROI: STREAKK’s technology ensures that a user’s cryptocurrency is always automatically delegated to the validators with the best rewards, resulting in a higher return on their cryptocurrency holdings.

STREAKK audited by CERTIK.com

Streakk hast the CERTIK TrustScore 90 of 100 and the Security Score 90 of 100. That’s the same like Binance SmartChain
Streakk Wallet is ranked on #4 of all CERTIK audited Wallets.

Spoiler: Earn 2% stable passive income weekly with STREAKK by avoiding the risk of volatility. Up to 200% in stable dollar value, no matter in which direction the crypto market moves.

3 reasons to participate in the STREAKK Node Infrastructure starting from $100

1.) Earn higher APR’s on your own assets without giving custody and without any lock-ip period.

2.) Double your node value and earn 2% weekly stable passive income for 100 weeks, starting from $100.

Example: Activate your own $5000 Node Infra and get $100 weekly stable passive node rewards. Credited on a daily basis ($14.25 per day) withdraw-able every time from minimum $50.

3.) You get STKK tokens worth of your activated in a NODE as a gift.
You doubled your activated value immediately.
This tokens you get in 100 weeks.

How much do you think the STKK token will cost in 100 weeks?

The STREAKK project is even more substantial than described here so far. But since it would take up too much reading time, I’m dividing the rest of the content into several posts for a better overview.

Register now for free at STREAKK and take a look at everything.

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10X and more ...

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