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Before investing in a crypto project, it is important to first understand what solution the project offers in the crypto space. It is also important to check the credibility and experience of the team behind the project. In the crypto space, one way to make money besides trading is to hodl coins for a long period of time, with the expectation that the prices of these coins will increase over time and they can sell their coins for a profit.

Another interesting way to make money with cryptocurrencies is staking, locking coins on staking platforms for a certain period of time to make daily profits, on centralized exchanges like Binance. The problem with ordinary staking is that you have to lock-up your tokens for a fixed period of time and cannot unstake them during this time.

STREAKK’s Amazing Solution — The Integrated Node Cluster (INC)

The world’s most advanced node infrastructure

STREAKK has developed a fantastic solution that allows you to earn weekly rewards with your cryptos by simply storing them on the decentralized STREAKK wallet.

As it is a decentralized wallet, it is completely secure as you have full control over your 12 word seed phrase. And the STREAKK wallet is fully compatible to other decentralized wallets or multi-coin wallets, as you know from TrustWallet, Exodus Wallet, MetaMask, etc.

And there are 3 more ingenious ways you can earn massively more with Streakk

  1. When you buy your own node infrastructure, you earn an additional 2%, 5% or 8% APR on top (depending on the category of the node — Shared Node, Dedicated Node or Dedicated Niode Pro) on the coins you hold in the decentralised STREAKK wallet. Which allows up to 15% on BTC , bus up to 18% on ETH , up to 22% on USDT, up to 23% on ADA, up to 24% on DOR, up to 23% on MATIC and many more cryptocurrencies in the future. You pay a one-time setup fee for each node, which makes the node work for you for 7 years.
  2. You receive the same USD value of STKK tokens as the amount of the activated node, or multiple nodes as a gift. These tokens are frozen for 100 weeks.
  3. You earn 2% stable passive income every week (you earn it pro rata daily) for 100 weeks. Example: With a Dedicated Node ($5000) you earn $100 stable passive income weekly.

Your advantages in a nutshell

  1. Up to 8% APR on top of your staked tokens, where your tokens are free at all times and you retain full control.
  2. You get the same USD value of your node (or multiple nodes) in STKK tokens as a gift.
  3. You receive 2% weekly stable passive income for 100 weeks. That’s an average of 8.6% per month or 200% in total over the 100 weeks.

Watch the presentation below for detailed information.

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Read here how to buy and activate your own node.

Watch the full STREAKK presentation with the CEO live interview included:

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10X and more ...

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