Infinity Club Cards: Crypto Debit card with incredible Pre-Start advantages

A crypto debit card that sets a new benchmark.
Massive benefits during the pre-launch for the first 5000 users.

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4 min readDec 29, 2022


Today I introduce you to Infinity Club Cards (ICC).

Below you will find an overview about the amazing possibilities you can enjoy as an Infinity Club Cards member.

You can read about the cards, the account, the special services for Infinity Club Cards (ICC) members, and about how you can join and enjoy too.

Let’s start with the cards

The Infinity Club Cards allow you to spend your cryptocurrencies and your traditional currencies seamlessly anywhere in the world.

You can spend more than 150 currencies at millions of retailers and service providers in stores or online. The infinity club card was built for people who are looking for a straightforward payment approach.

The Infinity Club Cards are aimed at every income level. And you can choose between a virtual card, a stylish plastic card, a cool aluminum, the solid full metal or full gold card.

All cards are crypto ready

You can load cryptocurrencies from your account or ramp it from your bank account.

The ICC 24/7 customer support is there for you in multiple languages to make life for Infinity Club Cards members easier. Along with the cards, you will get an account, one account, but endless options. You can manage all your crypto and traditional currencies within one simple platform. Make payments, exchanges, or just hold your portfolio.

The Infinity Club Cards account bridges the gap between traditional and cryptocurrencies so you can make payments anywhere, anytime. It gives you the possibility to buy, sell, or store nine different cryptocurrencies. These crypto wallets you can already use, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Tether USD, Bat, Paxos, USDC, and EOS.

You also will get access to quick and simple wallet to external wallet transfer, and you can exchange your crypto to traditional currency. The ICC members can fund their account by transferring their crypto from other wallets, or by using card or bank transfer. The load limits start from some thousand dollars to nearly no limits, depending on what membership card you choose. Find out which is the right one for you. On top of this, your account works with five traditional currencies. You can exchange US dollar, British Pound, Euro, Chinese Yuan and Japanese Yen.

You can transfer funds in and out of your account quick and easy. And for your peace of mind, this is FCA regulated. Of course, also here you find the ICC support 24/7 in multiple languages. Sounds this fair to you.

The ICC saves your time and money by providing you a team that delivers luxury services and experiences to enhance your lifestyle.

The ICC 24/7 concierge team gives you access to exotic travel destinations, luxury transport, and unique entertainment experiences. The ICC give you priority access to unique privileges that money can’t buy.
Be a part of exceptional events or enjoy luxury vacations, glamorous red carpet events, VIP tickets for sold out shows, get a prime seat at a major sporting event, discounts on business and first-class flights and hotels, VIP car rentals, and countless other things.

Want to know how to join

Just click here and choose your card and membership and welcome on board.

At the moment, we are in the pre-start phase. You can join the Infinity Club Cards community today and enjoy additional benefits as one of the first members. The basic one-time membership sign-up fee is just 39 US dollars in Tether USD.

This is a limited offer to the first 5,000 members. It gives you also a free landing page system and our back office to prepare you for the start. In your back office, you will see the countdown for the Infinity Club Cards official launch. This little fact entitles you to order the Infinity Club Cards before anyone else. And remember, the Infinity Club Cards community, you can only join by invitation, so only as a member you can invite others to join.

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