Let’s grow your BTC on the nature-based way — Harvest 4x/year

BTC earning through cannabis plants, completely done for you.

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4 min readApr 27, 2022


Example: 1 outdoor plant costs €70 and brings you in between €100 and €170 in BTC before the end of this year! And of course you can also benefit from compound interest by reinvesting your harvest.

This is definitely the hottest nature/crypto idea since the invention of the watering can. And your chance to participate in a billion dollar market.

Build your own nature-based BTC plantation that generates recurring BTC revenue!

Build your own organic BTC plantation that generates recurring BTC revenue!

How does it work?

  1. You buy a hemp plant from MyFirstPlant — by the way, in the start-up phase at a great discount price.
  2. You get the crop yield credited to your account up to four times a year.
  3. MyFirstPlant take care for the plants all around the clock. It couldn’t be more convenient.

And of course, everything is completely legal:
The MyFirstPlant hemp has no psychotropic effects.

The only way to get high is by looking at your BTC wallet and bank account.

Why hemp?

Hemp is an ancient, sustainable and extremely climate-friendly crop that is currently experiencing an undreamt-of boom: CBD products are very popular around the world.

The MyFirstPlant producers process the harvest into high-quality, medical cannabis products that can for example, help pain patients. They strictly adhere to the governmental limit values ordered by the state and regularly test the CBD content — you can rely on that.

Flowers for your growing BTC

What you will receive from MyFirstPlant is a high-quality hemp plant that will grow indoors under ideal ventilation and irrigation conditions (outdoor plantation with organic quality cultivation in planning).

Whenever you want, you can watch the plants grow via a live cam. When it comes to cultivation, we follow pharmaceutical standards. If a plant dies contrary to expectations, you will get it replaced immediately.

You buy once, but the plant is yours for life, without an expiration date. The harvest is paid out three to four times a year, based on the current market price.

Of course, you can also have the income paid out in product form — in other words: CBD products from the shop. By selling the harvest through MyFirstPlant, your plant will automatically earn back the purchase price of your plant. You certainly don’t need a green thumb!

Where do the plants come from?

MyFirstPlant hemp plants come from the EU plant variety catalogue. Clone propagation guarantees the constant quality of the flowers.

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Billion-euro market with enormous potential

In fact: The CBD market is experiencing highs of unimaginable proportions: In the USA alone, the market volume is expected to increase tenfold to USD 10.3 billion in the next five years, with an average growth rate of 54 percent per year.

Cannabis, a billion dollar business

This trend can also be seen in Europe. Investors expect large multinational food companies to enter the CBD market soon. The various uses of the hemp plant are presented at hemp fairs: from textile innovations to wellness beverages.

Summary & Unique selling points

  1. Totally new concept
  2. high harvest yields
  3. Diversification
  4. Nature-based BTC growing and harvesting
  5. Available in any country
  6. Highest security & transperancy: Experience, partnerships (purchase & sales) Experts in sustainability, irrigation & hygiene, manufacturing & prodution etc.
  7. Transparency: Austrian company with direct contact to the whole team in charge Insights, Newsletter & Milestones: for the future 2022+
  8. Lucrative marketing plan: (direct commisions, matching bonuses, global world pools, ranking-rewards)
  9. Community project: MFP is always open-minded for ideas, distribution, marketing, network etc.

Start: Immediately! — get your own green passive income today ;)

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