STREAKK: 4X Business right now and 90% Token Burning ahead

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3 min readAug 4, 2022


8.6% passive stable earning monthly right from day one is brilliant. The additional decentralised wallet, which allows me to earn up to 28% Staking Rewards without sending my asstes to someone else or without giving custody, is equally fantastic.

But what STREAKK has additionally implemented in the last few weeks breaks all records.

STREAKK in a nutshell:

  • Earning money on an decentralised basis
  • Earn money passively
  • Earning money without giving away your own money (Non-custody, no lock up and full control all the time)
  • And in addition a stable passive income of 8.6% per month (even if the market goes down) is the absolute game changer.If you haven’t noticed STREAKK yet, it’s because STREAKK was launched only 1 month ago.

With STREAKK, we are definitely talking about a project that every crypto user has always been looking for.

The STKK token has already become an incredibly fanatical success story. Since 17 June 2022, it has risen from $0.10 to around $100. Proof it yourself here:

And combined with the latest CEO update, in which it was announced that the STKK supply will soon decrease to a maximum supply of only 10,000,000 STKK, a wave of excitement has been unleashed.

All information can be verified and tracked through documented external sources on
The token burning event is also transparently verified in the blockchain.

Proof yourself burning here:

Below you will find my detailed reports about the STREAKK project.

In addition, the founder and CEO holds weekly update calls in which he personally gives insights and updates on the project.

And the first roadshows have already taken place, most recently in the Philippines.

Watch of the videos and you too will probably be thrilled:

Do your own research and try it out for yourself / Join now!

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10X and more ...

Been searching and researching for passive cryptocurrency income sources since 2016 and am grateful to have found it many times.