STREAKK: 8.66% Stable Passive Income Confirmed

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5 min readJul 2, 2022


STREAKK is a great decentralized project developed by a team of great developers with proven experience of many years at companies like Cardano, PayPal, Adobe, IBM, eBay, DELL, GovTech, Netflix, MasterCard, and many more.
They are experts and full-stack developers in the fields of blockchain development, payments, app development, fraud prevention, etc.

You can find all this information not only on the website and in the white paper, but also on LinkedIn linked to several thousand successful public figures.

Please don’t hesitate to do your own research:

This project started on 28 June 2022. Since then, further features have been activated on a regular basis.

Disclaimer: This is not a financial advice. Be sure to do your own research and consult an expert if necessary. And be aware that all actions with cryptocurrencies involve risks and can lead to total loss. Only invest money that you are willing to lose.

What is STREAKK all about in a nutshell?

Complete decentralized wallet with terrific Staking Rewards WITHOUT giving away your funds, WITHOUT giving away full control of your funds.
Staking Rewards without freezing and funds availability at any time.

In addition, the possibility to generate 8.66% absolutely stable passive income, completely independent of the market development and volatility.

Cryptos are volatile, your returns shouldn’t be

You can read all the details about STREAKK in my previous post:

By the way, the STREAKK token has been tradable on LBANK for about 2 weeks and is breaking records every day.


STREAKK has underlying and backed exciting mathematics that trigger regular buyback and burn mechnanism, ensuring that the market cannot be flooded with STKK and allowing for strong growth.

Everyone who started from 5 days has already achieved 500% today (as of this post). But more about that later.

What is the fastest way to start?

Register for free at STREAKK (click here).

Click on “Node Infra” and then “Load eUSD”.
There you can load any amount in USDT (TRC-20).
The amount will be credited within 3–7 minutes.

Click on “Buy Node” under “Node Infra”.
Select your preferred node.

All Nodes that run for you will generate additional percentages of Staking Rewards for your Decentralized Wallet of up to 8% on top. You can also activate additional nodes at any time. The 2% weekly is available for each node value.

On each Node, you get STKK in the value of the Node directly as a gift.

Compare all Node types here:

After that, you will receive 2% per week (8.66% per month) stable passive earnings based on the dollar value of your node for 100 weeks. So, it doesn’t matter if or how the STKK develops because your monthly 8.66% will be credited as dollar value. The crediting is done daily.
You can decide at any time to pay them out in STKK at the current price and sell them.


A “Dedicated Node” for $5000 earns you $100 passive stable credits per week.
Scenario 1) You don’t do anything after activation, so you definitely get back $10,000 in dollar value within the 100 weeks, which you get when you pay out in STKK at the current price. So, a real equivalent of $10,000.
Scenario 2) You regularly exchange your weekly $100 into STKK and trade them on the various exchanges to make even more profit.

And in any case, after staking, you also get back 100% of your staked STKK.

Either way, with passive participation, you are guaranteed 200% stable income from the company + your staking deposit coming back.

Anyone who started their node 4 days ago has already made 5X today.

Do your own research and try it out for yourself.

Read the full review here:

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10X and more ...

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