STREAKK: Non-custody Staking / Blockchain live / Passive Income

Highest Rewards in the industry without any lock-up, 2% weekly and the Blockchain is live.

10X and more ...
2 min readMay 25


I wrote already a lot of times about this unique and outstanding project.
As I can say today again, STREAKK is probably the most undervalued project from the last 11 month. Everything is smoothly working like a swiss clock. People generating 2% weekly stable passive income, by becoming an active STREAKK community member, they get gifted coins as well and they are generated the highest staking rewards in the entire industry without any lock-up. Sounds too good to be true?

STREAKK’s proven track record confirms again the strong development:

  • The decentralized most secure Wallet (audited and verified by CertiK) is live over month.
  • The Integrated Node-Cluster produces the highest staking rewards in the entire industry.
  • The participation in STREAKK Node infrastructure generes 320% in total for the users.
  • The Blockchain is ready, the Testnet is already launched and proves the strong technology behind STREAKK again.
  • The Whitepaper answers every question.

A lot of problems, which every honest crypto user is facing are solved by STREAKK:

  • Everyone wants to earn decentralized
  • Everyone wants to earn passively without giving custody
  • Everyone wants to earn without any lock-up
  • Everyone wants to earn a stable passive income
  • and many more …

Watch the lastest webinar to understand the full case scenario and try, if STREAKK works also for you:

Join STREAKK now!

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10X and more ...

Been searching and researching for passive cryptocurrency income sources since 2016 and am grateful to have found it many times.

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