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In this post, we’ll take a closer look at STREAKK — the DeFi project that aims to maximize the potential of your crypto assets and provide you with a passive income based on your crypto assets without you having to give up your coins and tokens for a second.

Decentralized solution to earn crypto on your crypto by having full control at all times. Truly decentralized as you know from all other decentralized wallets e.g. TrustWallet, MetaMask, KleverWallet, MyEtherWallet, Exodus, Ledger, Trezor, etc.

Earn on — BTC , ETH , USDT , ADA , DOT , MATIC, BNB and many more..

High decentralized staking rewards:
- no lock-up
- no cool-down period
- funds are available at any time

Combine different income streams to maximize your benefits:
- Up to 28% staking rewards p.a. and full availability at any time. Your keys, your coins. Completely decentralized.
- Get your own node infrastructure to earn 2% stable rewards per weeks (8.66% per month) definitively without volatility risk. It doesn’t matter if the market goes up or down.

STREAKK in a Nutshell: Earn a monthly return of 8.66% from as little as $100. Additionally up to 28% Staking Rewards without giving your coins out of your hand and having full control at any time.

Let your Crypto values grow and keep full control at all times, your funds stay with you and you can still let them grow.
Welcome to the truly decentralized world.

In addition, STREAKK offers you to earn a passive stable income of around 8% and more per month without being exposed to the risk of crypto market volatility.

Streakk will help you realize the full potential of your cryptocurrencies.

Disclaimer: This is not a financial advice. Be sure to do your own research and consult an expert if necessary. And be aware that all actions with cryptocurrencies involve risks and can lead to total loss. Only invest money that you are willing to lose.

Streakk Integrated Node Cluster is the Integration of reputed and trusted nodes in a single wallet.

The Integrated Node Cluster guarantees increased crypto earnings — It enables crypto users to earn on more than 20 blockchains by holding crypto within their wallets and with the flexibility to add or withdraw funds anytime, anywhere.

Moreover, by utilizing Streakk’s 3rd generation blockchain, the platform aims to disrupt the financial ecosystem. Streakk’s 3rd generation blockchain is super fast, highly scalable, and secure. Unlike other blockchains, Streakk offers more than 100,000+ transactions per second (TPS), a fixed fee of $0.0001, as well as a transaction confirmation time of 2 to 4 seconds.

The five main elements of the STREAKK solution

The solid foundation of STREAKK

Streakk have two offices. One in Singapore, where all the technology team, backend IT team sits. And second office, which they are already opening, is in Dubai. And the reason why Dubai, because Dubai is right now the crypto hub of the world. Streakk already has 40+ partnerships.

Since it’s already working since 2019, they already have great partnerships, which is absolutely life. And the founder comes up with more than 30 years of experience. And if we see the overall experience of the team that is going to be way more.

And like I mentioned that has been covered by many media houses. And just NewsBTC, which is the one of the most famous crypto news platform, it mentioned that Streakk is the future of finance. And Yahoo mentioned that Streakk is the best crypto earning platform in the market. So Streakk is already covered by multiple media houses.

Doe your own research about the STREAKK Founder, Suki Chen:

Expand the node infrastructure and get more benefits out of STREAKK

And you as a user can simply have a shared or a dedicated note. And by having that you can get a stable passive income and you can set up as low as $100 to $200,000. And we all know really well that Cryptos are very, very volatile, but Streakk strongly believes that our returns should never ever be volatile.

Non-Custody-Staking rewards without lock-up or giving your coins away

Your Node advantages at a glance

If you want to increase your earning, if you say that, “Okay, I want to earn more”, for that, you can simply get a shared or a dedicated node. There are three types of nodes. First is the shared node, which starts from $100. Second is a dedicated node, which starts from $5,000. And third is a dedicated node pro, which starts from $25,000. Now, what is exactly the benefit of getting this node? Let’s just understand that. Let’s just suppose that Steven got the dedicated node for $5,000. The very first benefit he’s going to get is, he’s going to get 5% additional on all the cryptocurrencies he’s going to hold.

Let’s just see. Right now, we took the example of Ethereum, where you are getting 10%. Now, instead of 10%, you’re going to get 15%. So you’re going to get 5% additional. For USDT, instead of 14%, it is going to be 90%. Why 5% additional?

Because you already have a dedicated node. And you are going to keep on getting this for seven years.

The second benefit of getting a node is, you’re going to get equivalent amount of token, the amount you’re paying for the node. Let’s just assume that in exchange, right now, the price of Streakk is $1. And you are buying a dedicated node for $5,000. That means you’re going to get 5,000 Streakk tokens, which will be unfreeze after 100 weeks.

After 100 weeks, the price of token goes from $1 to $5. Then your investment of $5,000 goes to immediately $25,000. The price goes from $1 to $10. Your investment goes to $50,000. Similarly, the more it is going to increase, that is surely going to benefit more.

The third benefit of getting a node is that you are going to get 2% weekly passive income for 100 weeks. This is a guaranteed income which you’re going to get. In this example, we mentioned that you purchased the dedicated node for $5,000. And you’re going to get 2% every week. That means, you’re going to get $100 every week for 100 weeks. That means, you’re shortly going to get 200% of your investment. Your investment is going to get doubled. You are going to get tokens, equivalent amount you’re paying for the node. And you’re going to get additional 2, 5 or 8% additional on whatever cryptocurrencies you are holding. So this is the very big benefit of getting the node.

The STREAKK project is even more extensive than described here so far. However, since it would take too much reading time, I divide the further content on several posts, for the better overview.

Register now at STREAKK for free and have a look at everything.

Do your own research! All information is based upon individual research study and experience and does not make up monetary or financial investment recommendations. I am not a financial consultant or trader and do not represent myself as such. There is no guarantee that you will generate income utilizing the strategies as well as ideas pointed out in this article. There might be associate web links, which indicates I will certainly get a tiny commission when you click my web link. The details, point of view, as well as views, consisted of in this article are only legitimate on the day of this record as well as might be different in the future.



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