The One — The first decentralized Crypto Debit Card

Crypto card including 42% fee sharing through NFT-based fractional project ownership. Working in all countries!

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Crypto card including 42% fee sharing through NFT-based factional project ownership.

As an experienced crypto user, you are surely aware of the importance of having multiple crypto debit cards in your wallet.
The One crypto card takes such a new approach and combines decentralization with truly high limits, NFT and user participation in all fees.

The One is the first decentralized payment system that lets community members directly participate in the payment system’s revenues.

The One is the first decentralized payment system that lets community members directly participate in the payment system’s revenues.

Customers receive a cryptocard with extremely high limits and a unique refinement with real meteorite dust.

The card can then be uploaded directly via a Metamask wallet in a decentralized way.

The upload incurs fees that otherwise only the card-issuing companies and banks behind it earn.

With The One, however, 20 percent of all revenue is distributed directly to NFT holders, known as Genesis NFT.

There are 8,888 Genesis NFTs, each of which owns a share in The One project. So there could be a maximum of 8,888 holders if each owned only one NFT. However, since multiple NFTs mean multiple shares and therefore multiple distributions, many holders own multiple Genesis NFTs at once.

Genesis NFT holders who also own The One Crytocard automatically unlock their Genesis NFT and receive a 42 percent share of all earnings for each.

Unlocking for the 42 percent booster through their own card purchase then applies simultaneously to all Genesis NFT that the user of the new Cryptocard owns.

The cards feature extremely high reload and ATM limits. Likewise, the use of the card and the included account behind it is not only designed to be very simple and user-friendly, but also offers full functionality internationally in an extraordinary number of countries.

The Genesis NFT is the ultimate way to gain fractional ownership of a payment system. All of our NFT collections are blockchain-based and offer decentralized security. Become one of the 8,888 part-owners now and choose your own Genesis NFT package today.

How to participate?

  1. ) Signup for free (click here)

2.) Choose your The One Genesis NFT. If $200 is too expensive for you, there is also the offer to get a 1/3 Genesis NFT available for only $67.

First 8.888 THE ONE Genesis NFT are entitled to revenue sharing. Holding the NFT unlocks 20% passive income through LOADING FEE REVENUES and other future revenue streams. One of a kind NFT art by some of the best artists in the Crypto World.

3.) Proceed your payment.

4.) If you want to participate in the referral system, you should also buy one Guardian Starter NFT.

This is your key to the limitless earning potential and opportunities only available to a select few.

By purchasing the Guardian Starter Package, you will also be able to unlock the higher tier packages, and access to a vast amount of reliable and quality Alpha information that will be available through the DAO and through the tools that we aim to build.
Buy this package and unlock your affiliate tiers

Additional Information:
∞ Only 15,000 pieces will be available for pre-sale, so you’re getting early access to everything.
∞ Rock the most innovative NFT done by the best artists in the industry, with traits that you can identify with and represent your web3 self.
∞ Get a free NFT airdrop that would give you a 2.5% bigger yield in earning (Masters) Token.

Signup here.

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